A few weeks ago I rediscovered the importance of living in your space. I see our purpose as a mould that existed before we were created, and then you were made to fit just right. At The Baby Cot Shop, we make bespoke items. This means that a chest of drawers listed on our website for example can be made to be larger or smaller than described so that it fits a pre-assigned space. When you step into a room furnished with bespoke items, you can tell. Things fit perfectly as though the room was built around the furniture. Occasionally, customers measure the space and to their delight standard pieces fit perfectly. Other times, they make do. The furniture doesn’t fit perfectly but they learn to live with it.

Isn’t it wonderful when things just fall into place? We find ourselves walking in our purpose, we end up in jobs we just love. We fall in love with our soulmate after just one date. At other times we go through experiences which shape and mould us until we are perfect for the space we are in. It is also possible to go through experiences meant to shape you yet you come out unchanged. When this happens, you end up making do and calling it the ups and downs of life.

I am a writer, that is one of the gifts that is tied to my purpose, but I stopped writing for a while because I felt I needed to attend to more stressful pressing matters. The day I picked up my pen (or iPad as it were), it felt like fresh air was being forced into my lungs to expand them so I could breathe deeply. The same thing happened when after banishing myself into a cave for a few weeks, I crawled out to encourage and uplift a friend who needed it. Championing others comes naturally to me but when I’m going through a rough patch, I tend to feel I have nothing to give, which isn’t true. After my conversation with her, I felt more complete and I understand now that my challenges are not an excuse to stop being me.

Living in a mould that wasn’t made for you denies your soul the opportunity to play and live its best life. You know what happens when you forcefit a jigsaw puzzle in the wrong place, it doesn’t look or feel right. Yet many of us live like that and call it the trials of life. Creativity is a gift we all have to help us navigate those trials so we can enjoy life.

There are things that call for our attention, but we function best when we live in the space we were created to live in. What did you love to do as a child? Colouring? Crafts? Music? Get back into your space and watch what happens!

I wish you a happy 2018, so excited to see what this year brings you!

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